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The use of crystals and tarot has become increasingly popular and commercialized amongst millennials, Gen Z, and spiritual seekers alike, with many seeing these practices as a means of inner growth and connecting with a higher power.

On the other hand, connecting with a power greater than yourself is not always of goodness. Daniele Hall, the CEO of Selaluz Candles, is here to give her truths about this controversy.

Selaluz Candles hand makes and sells a range of beautifully crafted crystal pyramid candles and soy wax melts called Tarot Tarts with a three card spread inside. While these are highly sought-after by many in today’s society, there are some who turn to this possibility, seeking a reader offering closures or life direction. This type of spirituality might look like it is coming from a place of goodness and in all reality you’re fooled by the darkness in disguise.

According to her, this art form of candle making serves as a poetic form of translating into the meaning of “being the light” and gracefully planting seeds of Goodness and Light into the minds of the people connected to the mystical realms of darkness.

It is clear Hall understands that many companies incorporate spiritual elements such as crystals, tarot cards, imagery of symbolism, music, etc into their product lines, because it is now considered trendy, while major brands are hyper aware of its root meanings and energy, we have accepted it as a collective therefore opening doors of unwanted negative spirits.

Do you have a person in your downtown area, that at major events, is megaphone yelling, preaching about Jesus, condemning people as they walk by, while making everyone around feel ashamed, uncomfortable, and confused about their own life? It is not the passion for me, but the delivery of the message. It is falling on ears that are not listening…at all. I love to give this example: It is like going to war with the enemy, wearing a brightly colored outfit, while getting ready to snipe attack. So how could Hall reach people that would actually listen about connecting to The Light.

Each purchase of a Selaluz Crystal Pyramid Candle and Tarot Tart also comes with when purchased additionally from our in house reader Daisy Dazzled Dreams our uplighting reading. The point of the readings is to move people into the consciousness of the Light. The point of the readings is to shift people from fear to faith. “Being rich in relationships and connecting 1:1 with the customer is the key to success here,” said Hall. “There are many businesses that don’t care about human connection, it’s profits over people this present day.” states Hall. The success, popularity, and viral sensation of Selaluz Candles is a testament to Hall’s commitment to providing something positive and dedicating herself to the mission of raising collective consciousness.

Hall stands firm on her belief that providing customers with access to these products while being aware of their negative effects will help people move away from the hocus pocus into their free will to discover the one source… The Light.

“Candles shift our awareness by shifting, oh-so-subtly, our environments, and this in turn changes our consciousness,” Hall says. So regardless of whether you think this is all hocus pocus, the ultimate goal is to connect with yourself and elevate our collective consciousness. Simply put, as Daniele explained “to be able to elevate yourself emotionally, physically, mentally, and financially is to move closer to the Truth, which is Light.”

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