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Light's On!


"The Twin Flame Experience"

Handmade Magick Massage Candle

"The Twin Experience" is the cutest little clear purse. Inside contains luxurious creamy Magick Massage Candle on a bed of REUSEABLE silk rose petals. (zero waste  baby). All wrapped and bound with a black silk blindfold.

You deserve a bed properly made with hand tossed rose petals everyday.


Soy flakes 
Coco butter 
Coconut oil 
Shea butter 
Vitamin E 
Mango butter 
Pearl infused 

Scent: Cocoa Cashmere and Vanilla Bean

Cruelty Free
Made is USA 

Light the candle and let burn for 30-45 minutes, allowing a pool of wax to form around the wick. Blow out the flame and let cool for several minutes. Test the temperature on your wrist or inner arm, then carefully pour the wax into your hand and massage into the skin.

Light 1 Hour intervals

Appx 22 massages 

Caution when used for wax play.


Lights On! Massage Candle

$89.00 Regular Price
$59.00Sale Price
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