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This giftable set includes one of each of the O.G. Tarot Tarts.

(Yes... I TropiCana, Golden Bish, Crystal Reading, and Evil Eye)


Gift Set bag included.


Just when you thought Crystals in a candle was the amazing - Meet Tarot Tarts!

One big tropical soy wax melt with a 3 tarot card spread inside. 

What's included:
Tongs, Holographic sticker, Card Place holder.  

Once you intuitively pull the tarot cards from the wax melter and put them on the place holder, you will have the for a reading.

How will it work? 
-Pull your cards out, and place on spread.
-Place cards where you feel drawn they should go.
-Snap a picture to send Daisy.
-Once reading is purchased, Daisy will contact you for your reading.
-You will receive a detailed reading from your guides.
-You will also get a discount code for Daisy’s Dazzled Dreams shop

Click here for the Reading!

Set of 4 Original Tarot Tart Wax Melts

$56.96 Regular Price
$39.99Sale Price
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