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Black Sky

the one and only wick wanz


Close your circle, thank your guides, & protect your magick. 

No more sending your intentions up in smoke, instead seal them in the wax using these fabulous copper Wick Wanz.


Created and crafted by the one and only Whimsical Magick Mama SusieK (Willow Hollow Woods) Don’t blow out your light Dip the wick & seal your intentions into the wax. 


Fairy Ringing Bell:

Wee fairy bell protects and keeps shenanigans at bay.

Crystals, Amulets & Gems:

Made with solid copper wire, miscellaneous beads and stones.

Keep Your Candle Clean:

No more buried wicks, no more stinky black soot mixing with the colors and scents of your candles.

Loop Handle & Holder:

Use the Wick Wanz’ hooked end to dip the candle wick into the wax and to pull it back up to reset the wick for the next burn.

Assorted designs to collect.:

8" Long, designed to be functional, but created to be a beautiful accessory to your candle collection.


All Wick Wanz are unique in the beads and stones used so they will be chosen intuitively for you.


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Do you have an idea?

We're always open for suggestions with open arms for new LuzFam Whole Sellers. Be apart of the fam and spread the light throughout your neighborhood.

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