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New Years Eve, Party Time


Step into the realm of glittering festivities with this purple party candle, the ultimate companion for a vibrant New Year's Eve bash. This vivacious candle, adorned in regal shades of purple, radiates a sense of exhilaration and merriment, setting the stage for an unforgettable night of revelry. The flickering flame infuses your space with a lively, energizing ambiance, echoing the euphoria of the New Year's countdown. As you bid farewell to the old and embrace the possibilities of the future, this celebration candle will be your dynamic partner, adding a burst of party spirit to your year-end celebration and marking the start of a promising new chapter.



Top- Citrus

Middle- Plum, Black Cherry

Base- Musk, Amber


Burn Time 65+ Hours 


Crystal Candles make the best unique gifts, we also offer candle gift sets. Some of the Seasonal Candles that are offered are great for Mothers Day gifts, Valentines Day gifts, Christmas Gifts, gifts for Mom, Gifts for Men, and they make the best birthday gift ideas!


Additional Benefits of crystal-infused candles

* Bring love and romance into your private life.

* Reduce stress and anxiety.

* Promote spiritual and emotional healing.

* Bring calmness into your life.

* Help you with sleep problems.

* Help you feel more grounded and focused.

* Elevate the energy of the space around you.

New Years Party Celebration Crystal Pyramid Candle

$69.99 Regular Price
$59.99Sale Price
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